Review: Elly by Maike Wetzel

Elly is a mystery & thriller novel written by Maike Wetzel and originally published in German. It’s been translated into English by Lyn Marven. It’s been scheduled to be come out on 09-April-2020, so keep an eye for it guys!

Elly is a gripping story about an 11-year old girl who just disappears out of the blue and without a trace. Now, when I read the blurb, I was quite excited to read the book as I had recently seen the Netflix documentary “The Disappearance of Madeline McCain” – here too a 3-year old little girl disappears without a trace but I have to admit the book wasn’t as gripping as claimed.

The interesting and even hurtful bit about this story was the trauma that the entire family had to endure because of the disappearance of a child. The author has brilliantly narrated the heart-wrenching feeling of each family member and how they chose to cope with this life changing incident. The story of Elly takes a turn for the worse when the child is found and returned to her home. Normally, it’s a good thing when the child is found, but not in this case. This is when I’m hoping for the thriller bit of the novel to begin but I am left disappointed and the story is brought to an abrupt end.

It’s a short read, so I do suggest anyone who’s interested in picking up a hard and dark read. I rate this book 3 out of 5 bookmarks due to the lack of closure to the story.

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