Review: It’s Also About Mynah by Rucha Chitrodia

It’s Also About Mynah is an urban contemporary tale of over a dozen people whose lives happen to cross paths with one another in the hustling bustling city of Bombay. As the title suggests, this book isn’t just about Mynah but is also about her. She moves to Mumbai to join an ad agency to work as a copy writer much against the wishes of her single parent – Gopala. She ends up finding accommodation with Aruna aunty as a paying guest in the Lalbaug locality.

From here, you’re introduced to the various characters none of whom are portrayed to be any less important. Honestly, keeping a track of all the characters was a bit overwhelming initially but I started having fun when I created a character map for all of them, which definitely added to the reading experience.

While you may initially feel that you’d want to read more about Mynah afterall that’s after whom the book is titled, but towards the end you’ll come to realize that she’s like a pebble thrown into a lake, only to see the beautiful ripple effect unfold itself, which in this case are the multitude of human relationships and experiences that you’ll experience through the characters. Those ripples? I leave for you to discover as you read this book.

The beauty of this book doesn’t lie in a single character or in a progressive linear plotline but rather is an amalgamation of the raw human experiences and their dreams portrayed through the lives of maids, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, children and their families – coming from all walks of life.

The storyline flows flawlessly and never once will you find yourself to be lost. But what I’d liked to have felt more of would be a deeper connection to at least some of the characters and also the back stories of some of the characters – namely Kaveri and Raja – ironically seemed unnecessary to the story.

Lastly, I’d recommend this to those who enjoy a story with multiple character point of views, to anyone who’d love to read about a Bombay which isn’t belied as the star studded city that we long for from a distance.

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