The Colours We See by Kaisa Winter

“The great big universe was infinite and beckoning, and I was at the precipice, ready and willing to jump.”

Being a teenager is hard. Being an young adult is harder because nobody and nothing can prepare you for all the experiences life will put you through. Being an young adult also means new responsibilities, freedom and consequences.

The Colours We See by Kaisa Winter introduces you to Hazel, a young girl who travels to the United States from Britain not only to do some sight-seeing but also to get away from her emotionally-dependent, gaslighting mother. I really liked her character because despite everything, she is ready to take on new adventures and is open to stepping out of her comfort zone.

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When Hazel lands in the States, she is picked up by her cousin Nathan and they drive to Madison, which is located just on the outskirts of Chicago. Nathan convinces her to perform at an open mic which is where she meets Lawson, Liam and the rest of the band – Object Impermanence. This is where the story becomes one big roller-coaster.

Liam who is the lead-singer of the band grew up in a Church which looked at music as sin. With no support from his parents, he steps out into the world with his talent and love for music. Hazel, who not only sings well but is an artist as well, thanks to the training she received from her mom also comes from a family she is trying to get away from. Between their shared family histories and their love for music, the two find themselves falling for each other.

Soon, Hazel and the band are touring the States as they perform in various cities. The travel in their customized bus and share life stories with each other, but things aren’t always smooth. Liam tends to live on an edge and as his dependence on drugs starts getting worse, things start turning South for everyone as well.

The Colours We See on the surface is a fun, once in a lifetime road-trip kind of story but it has some pretty heavy undertones as well. A few trigger-warnings for you to keep in mind before starting the book: substance abuse, suicide, toxic relationships and death of a friend. This book isn’t JUST a romance novel it’s better. Through all the singing, the parties, the fun, it puts a spotlight on drug addiction and it’s consequences on the lives of those around you.

I’d like to congratulate Kaisa Winter on her debut novel and I’d like to thank her for sending across a copy of the book for me to enjoy and review. I truly believe that Kaisa is an astounding author with a true talent of keeping in touch with reality while writing a fictional tale. I cannot wait to read from her and recommend The Colours We See to everyone looking to read book with two very different POVs – one of healing and one of self-sabotage.

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