Review: The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and I suppose this book in one short phrase is exactly about that.

Set in the Regency Era of sorts, you’ll immediately find yourself thinking about Bridgerton, novels by Judith McNaught set in the same era and even Great Gatsby by the descriptions of the parties.

The Beautiful Ones introduces you to Valerie, Nina and Hector. Valerie is a high society favorite who starts trends and ends them. She is the cities favorite. Nina is Valerie’s cousin, but from her husband’s side of the family. Nina is not the typical city girl. She fancies beetle and butterflies instead of shoes and clothes. Lastly, Hector is a performer who uses his telekinetic tricks to entertain people all around the world.

If I were to give you a gist in the most straightforward manner then here’s all you need to know, Valerie and Hector were lovers when they were young. The man decided to make something out of himself before he could marry Valerie and they decided to wait. Valerie was obligated to marry to a decent (read wealthy) man for the sake of her family. That’s where this love story comes to a pause.

Once Hector was famous and rich he came back in hopes of winning back his love. But we all know time changes everyone and he finds that the love he once wanted isn’t what he needs. He meets Nina and these two have a rollercoaster of a relationship on their own – with Nina falling in love with Hector and then finding out the truth about him and Valerie.

This book is all about grand dresses, fancy meals, high society gossips, jealousy, betrayal and in the end about love. Who ends up with whom and is there even a happy ending? Well y’all will really have to read the book yourselves to find out.

While I personally wish that the book would be more dramatic but SMG’s writing is so atmospheric that you get through the book rather easily.

If you’re a sucker for romance and are looking for some Regency Era vibes then this is your go to book! Thank you @chapteronebookstores for having me on the BoTM Tour and sending me a copy of this beautiful book.

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