Thank you for considering me to review your books. In addition to this blog, my reviews will also be up on InstagramGoodreads and Amazon once the book has released.

Please provide me with a print copy (paperback, hardbound, etc) of your book for me to review. My reviews are honest, please do remember that if it is not a positive review, I’m reviewing the book and not the author. Kindly also mention if you want to set a deadline.

While I do not mind reading books of different genres, I am usually inclined to the following (in no specific order):

  • Literary fiction
  • Fantasy – YA and Adult
  • Historical fiction
  • Women’s fiction
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Sci-fi
  • Memoir
  • Adult Fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller

I rate books in terms of bookmarks on the scale of 1-5, the indicators for which are listed below:

5 bookmarks – One of the best books I’ve ever read! Made me cry at some point and I’d definitely re-read it.

4 bookmarks – A great book! Got me to stop and think.

3 bookmarks – A good book! Enjoyed reading it but want more.

2 bookmarks – An average book! Definitely could’ve been better (because I read all books with high hopes).

1 bookmark – A book which wasn’t to my liking.

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